Groups And Programs

Scriptures and children’s moment.

Sunday Services are followed by Coffee Fellowship in the Great Room.


Caraway Puppet ministry for pre-school children during the adult worship service. 




Thursday night: 

Praise Band rehearsal 6:30 pm

Choir Rehearsal 7:30 pm

Kids Club for teenagers and children, pre-school and elementary. 


For other events, please consult the Church Calendar in the “Current Newsletter” web page.






Our purpose: is to treat everyone as a fellow child of God.


For us, evangelism is simple: “It’s one person giving another person a taste of what it’s like to be in love with God.” To do that, actions speak well, but we use words if necessary. Since “no one can give what they don’t have,” it is our practice to frequently share with each other what we’ve learned about God in our lives. There are no strangers here.


In each of our church programs, it is our goal to do the following:

To INVITE people into a welcoming space where they can connect with each other and experience the joy of knowing God.

to WORSHIP together as an open family fellowship

to CONNECT with each other through acts of friendship, making it easier for each of us to have a good relationship with Christ.

to EQUIP our volunteers to participate in meaningful spiritual action

and to SERVE GOD, neighbor, and those in need throughout the world. 


The church activities that help us do these things are profiled below.